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Saplings is an independent playgroup in Bottisham, Cambridgeshire for toddlers between two and four years old.

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Why Choose Saplings?

Our pre-school sessions are fun-packed, exciting, and full of variety!

We believe that children learn best through play, and so our themed sessions are designed to stimulate your child’s learning and emotional development through social interaction.

We promote…


A Safe Environment

Children need an environment that is physically, socially, and emotionally safe to enable them to grow. At Saplings we work to keep it that way at every session.

A Sense of Independence

We nurture your child’s independence, developing their self-confidence and self-esteem, and giving them a powerful sense of achievement and success. 

A Successful Transition

Saplings can help your child transition from home to school more easily by talking with them positively about school and what they will be doing there, and encouraging social interaction with other children.

A Rich Play Environment

Playing is one of the most important developmental tasks of early childhood. By creating sessions that include both structured and unstructured play, we encourage and nurture this development.

Outdoor play